Who am I? 

The Professional: 

A Breathworks mindfulness teacher accredited to teach You Are Not Your Pain and Mindfulness for Stress courses. I was ordained 12 years ago into the Triratna International Buddhist Community, before which I graduated from a multi-year intensive training in meditation, ethics and Buddhist teachings. I currently teach Buddhist courses at Triratna-NYC and have been leading courses, workshops and retreats on Buddhism and mindfulness in the US and Europe for over 15 years.  

I hold a Masters Degree from London University in Organizational Behavior.  I have worked for 30 years in the non-profit and philanthropic sectors as a funder, fundraiser, and trainer. I am currently the Director of Green Tara Trust, and on the team at Hunterdon Healthcare, Integrative Medicine Program.

Working one-to-one with Colette was wonderful. She showed a non-judgemental and compassionate approach to anything I brought, which helped me work with myself more effectively. She was able to spot unhelpful thinking and patterns easily, and brought clarity with a range of tools that helped me see clearly what was going on. I would highly recommend her as a trainer and coach.

Dr. Jane Stephens, GP

The personal:

My life has been a mixture of grace and challenge.  Growing up in a large family, I benefited from the deep love and support of my parents. They planted seeds that encouraged a commitment to growth and learning and to socially engaged living. 

Other aspects of my childhood led to ongoing and persistent depression.  In fact it was depression that led me to my first meditation course aged 22.  Mindfulness practices provided the tools I needed to reclaim my life, learning to respond with kindness and openness when periodic symptoms of depression arrived.  

For this reason, I have a particular affinity and the skills to work with people suffering from chronic pain and distress; those who feel unworthy or have lost faith. This is where my real talent lies.  So whether you are focusing on prevention or intervention when pain becomes overwhelming, I will go there with you.


What participants say about me:

“Colette holds herself and others to a high standard of continued growth and development.”  

“Colette showed an excellent ability to communicate and connect, and demonstrated genuine concern for participants.” 

“Colette is an exceptionally kind and compassionate mindfulness teacher who has provided support and care to a wide range of individuals.”