Why Mindfulness?

Miraculously, it only takes three days to learn enough mindfulness skills to see positive results in brain activity related to reduced stress, improved well-being and reduced risk for various diseases. 

Breathworks courses teach these skills through body based practices – meditation, body awareness and mindful movement.  These skills won’t disappear at the end of the course.  Changing your mind changes your experience. Freedom is possible.

But what is mindfulness exactly?  

There are many things in life that are beyond our control, and that can cause stress or pain.  This unavoidable ‘primary suffering’ has many causes - injury or illness, a family or work crisis, financial concerns, or genuine time pressure and deadlines.  Such situations are almost always accompanied by stressful thoughts: Why isn’t anyone helping me? I’ll never get it done! They don't care about me!  The thoughts create a layer of suffering and stress known as ‘secondary suffering’.

Our pain and distress are a fusion of primary and secondary suffering and can be significantly reduced when we learn to recognise the difference between the two. This is a crucial insight because it reveals a path away from suffering. Remaining focused on now tends to dissolve the secondary suffering, creating freedom from the pain that can arise when we are carried away by unhelpful thinking. 

Mindfulness practices and techniques encourage us to understand how to do this by developing presence, concentration, clarity, emotional positivity, and a clear seeing of what is actually arising in the present moment. Being present creates a second-order level of attention that increases psychological flexibility. Whilst this may not change the primary experience, it can have a significant impact on the cascade of thoughts and behaviours and other feelings triggered by the primary experience. 

In just eight weeks this learning provides life long skills that are scientifically proven to transform the brain and our way of experiencing life. This is indeed the only real antidote to the anxiety, hatred, discontentedness, sleepiness, repetitive thoughts, and confusion that beset the human condition.