Do you feel stressed or overwhelmed? Struggle with pain, sleeplessness, or you’re simply not enjoying life?  

Try mindfulness: Mindfulness practices are proven to reduce the suffering caused by all these daily realities.  Mindfulness is about living fully and vividly, without distraction, and creates the opportunity for greater spaciousness and joy.

Drop in Mindfulness Classes:   Each weekly class starts with body and breath awareness, time for questions, and a simple exercise to bring mindfulness into your daily life.  

Four Week Mindfulness Courses:   During each course, we learn how to use the sensations of breathing to ground our awareness in the body. This allows us to meet the stresses of everyday life with more kindness and stability, to create a more intimate inner connection, and to be mindful of the beauty, the habits, and the wonder available in each day.

 Who are the Courses for?  Open to complete beginners and anyone wishing to refresh, support and deepen their practice of mindfulness.

 The Skills  • Use the breath to calm the body and mind  • learn ways to handle challenging physical and emotional experiences • learn about the theory and principles of mindfulness


Course Structure:  Every Thursday the weekly drop in runs from 6pm-7pm.  The 4 week courses run from 7pm-8:30pm and focus on ways to apply mindfulness to daily life. 

Benefits:  Mindfulness practice literally changes the structure of the brain, which relieves subjective levels of anxiety and depression.  It is seen to reduce fear, anxiety and stress. It does this by improving attention, concentration, and overall psychological flexibility and well-being.


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